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Why Do American Girl Dolls Cost So Much Money? Why is this

You might have questioned why American Girl dolls are so pricey if you’ve ever bought one for your child or considered doing so. The greater price of an American Girl doll is due to a number of factors.

The three primary factors that contribute to American Girl dolls’ high price are: 1) the dolls’ exceptional quality; 2) their reputation as a specialty item that may be greatly customized; 3) the wide range of must-have accessories that are offered.

If you’re considering buying an American Girl doll but are on the fence due to the high price, you’ll want to know whether they’re worth it. You can make an informed choice if you continue reading to understand more about why these dolls cost more than others.

Many doll manufacturing firms no longer use the conventional techniques that the American Girl brand used to produce their dolls. Because of this, creating a doll and getting it ready for sale takes much longer. One doll’s full design process can take three to five years to complete from beginning to end.

Each American Girl doll is meticulously designed in every detail, giving them a superior level of craftsmanship.

  • Its hair
  • Its eyes
  • the skin and face
  • Its body

Wish to understand what I mean? Look at this adorable one from Amazon.

The Hair on American Girl Dolls Is Excellent

In contrast to the majority of other dolls on the market, an American Girl doll’s hair is actually a doll-sized wig. The procedure of making a wig takes a lot longer than the usual method of making rooted hair for a doll. Most other dolls’ scalps have little holes with hair poking through them, if you look closely. The hair will look more lifelike because the American Girl doll is wearing a wig.

In addition to making the American Girl doll appear more realistic, wigs have other advantages. A girl can style the hair on her American Girl doll in the same way that a lady wearing a wig can style her own wig. The hair can tolerate treatment that conventional doll hair cannot, and it may be washed, curled, and even straightened.

American Girl Dolls’ Eyes are Hand Painted

You would see a difference in how they move between an American Girl doll and another doll with eyes that can close. The American Girl doll’s eyes move more naturally and don’t make a noise when they close. Another doll’s eyes may close with an audible clicking noise.

If you looked closely, you would see the meticulous work that goes into the American Girl doll’s eyes. The eyelashes are made individually and hand-curled before being connected to the eyes; the eyeballs and eyelids are hand-painted.

American Girl Dolls have specially formulated skin.

The skin on an American Girl doll feels more genuine than that of other dolls when you touch it. The manufacturer has developed a solution that gives the dolls’ skin the ideal texture—not too soft or firm. This has a similar meaning to leather handbags. Genuine leather is far more expensive than faux leather, which is understandable if you’ve ever experienced its smooth, buttery feel. By giving the dolls more human traits, the American Girl doll manufacturer has mastered the art of realistic-looking doll faces. The doll’s face form is one excellent illustration. It’s a small but meaningful detail to depict the imperfect symmetry of the human face that an American Girl doll’s face is not precisely symmetrical.

The Bodies of American Girl Dolls Are of High Quality.

American Girl uses traditional dollmaking methods that many other businesses no longer take the time to apply to assure the high quality of the doll body. Every doll has a neck string (or, in some cases, a zip tie) that holds her head to her body. This method of producing dolls is more durable and helps the doll’s limbs withstand movement better, thus she will survive longer than the dolls made by the competition.

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The American Girl Doll’s Hair Can Be Changed

You can choose the hair color, cut, and style for your doll. The selection of hair colors includes a variety of blond, red, brown, and even light pink tones. The American Girl doll hairdo options come in a range of textures and lengths that can be finished off with a particular hairstyle like:

  • Pigtails
  • Ponytails
  • Headbands
  • several sorts of bangs

The Faces of American Girl Dolls Can Be Changed

The doll faces for American Girl are not all cast from the same mold. You can select a skin tone for your doll as well as one of five face shapes. There are several eye colors available, and you have the option of having each eye a different hue. Braces, hearing aids, and freckles can all be added to dolls. Even the doll’s personality can be modified.

You can select the name of your American Girl doll when you create her online, along with additional details like:

What animals she might or might not own

Naturally, this won’t have an impact on the doll’s construction, but they do provide this as an added service to enable your child to truly bring the doll to life in their own imagination. The fact that American Girl Dolls go to so many extra efforts contributes to their costly nature.

The American Girl Doll’s Attire and Accessories Are Customizable

When making your own American Girl doll, you can select from a variety of costumes and accessories. Every set has a different theme. You can choose whether your doll has pierced ears, and you can add spectacles or sunglasses.

Of course, making a bespoke item like the American Girl doll requires time. They don’t typically sit on store shelves in large numbers. You must submit your order three weeks in advance of the delivery date you would like to receive a highly personalized American Girl doll like this.

The American Girl Doll Has a Wide Range of Accessories.

After buying an American Girl doll, you’ll probably want to buy more clothing for her. American Girl offers a Create Your Own Design area where you may create clothes for your doll in order to personalize the outfit purchasing experience. But the selection of accessories goes far beyond apparel.

The following is a list of some of the extra accessories you can get for your American Girl doll, along with an affiliate link to Amazon for your convenience.

  • Furniture
  • animals and pet supplies
  • sets for dining and food
  • sporting goods
  • Hair and spa equipment
  • sets of themed accessories that match particular dolls
  • For each doll, a themed book

The cost of owning the American Girl doll will undoubtedly climb if these accessories are purchased. However, they do improve the kid’s experience, and the themed sets can also give kids a chance to learn more about the doll’s backstory.

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