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Best Kicking Bags In Each Martial Art Style For Children And Adults

The era of heavy or universally-fitting kicking bags is over. Every martial arts style can be adapted using a wide range of alternatives. However, a dilemma occurs with this wide range of options. Which you select will rely on a variety of circumstances and can be difficult. To determine it, you’ll need to systematically eliminate the possibilities.

When it comes to kicking bags, there isn’t a one ideal answer that fits every style, age group, and application. Each of these elements must be weighed and taken into account in light of the others. Breaking them down and taking into account their use by style and age is the best method to create categories of the best kicking bags.

What do you want to achieve by buying a hefty bag?

The best option for you may then be a hanging system. That is not always the case. Freestanding bags are common in studios and professional gyms. These expert free-standing models are available, as well as smaller, more affordable ones.

Are you searching for a hanging system for your home to resemble one you have used for training or have seen in a studio or gym?

Every type of area can have a hanging system. It can be adjusted to work in many settings.
Is a self-contained, free-standing bag system for business or personal usage what you’re after?
Today, there are many possibilities that weren’t available ten or so years ago.

List of the Top Kicking Bags for Adults

Adults’ requirements for a punching or kicking bag are distinct from those of children’s requirements. I divided the complete listings into two pieces for this reason. The price range and rating will be provided in the first one. Click on the links to if you want to see the bags’ actual prices.

There is a point that needs to be made clear right away regarding the usability grade. Each of the here-listed styles is one in which I have experience. Although some people could disagree on minor issues, you’ll find that this list is mostly accurate. Additionally, occasionally a knockoff brand of these may be displayed. I can only advise you to purchase imitations at your own risk.

The price rating has its own column because it influences many people’s decisions significantly. Although I did take the cost into account, the usability score does not account for it. I managed price by excluding any bag that cost more than $300. Most folks won’t notice much of a difference between a $250 and a $400 purse.

List of the Top Kicking Bags for Children

The size of the bag and its adaptability to the child’s growth are key considerations when designing kids’ bags. The cool or entertaining factor is another. Each of them has elements that, to varying degrees, satisfy those conditions. Since there are so many ways that our wallets are stretched when it comes to our children, the cost also comes into consideration. Other distinctive bag alternatives exist, however due to their prohibitive cost, they weren’t included.

Best Kicking Bags for Different Martial Arts

Making a general “this is the best kicking or heavy bag list” without considering the purpose of the training equipment is useless. In addition to discussing the finest bags for each style with a range of options, I’ll also walk you through my selection process. On the basis of the bag’s overall performance, you can then customize your decision.

Remember that martial arts systems are like kicking bags. They were designed with a specific purpose in mind, and while they have some general uses, their effectiveness is greatest when employed for that purpose.

For instance, Taekkyon warriors in Korea would jump into the air on the backs of their fellow soldiers and kick foes off their horses. That was exactly what those kicks did really well. Although they have other universal uses, the technique was founded on jumping over and up to objects in order to land a kick.

Kung Fu And Karate

Karate has particular needs for kicking bags. It does not place a lot of emphasis on head level kicks or 45-degree roundhouse kicks to the ribs like TaeKwonDo does. Many Karate styles lack kicks that even extend over the belt.

Similar to Muay Thai, it does not significantly rely on thigh kicks, despite their use. Due to the freestanding base or the material settling of longer bags making the bottom rock hard, only highly specific and pricey bags will accurately imitate the calf kicks.

More particular, some Karate styles frequently use crotch strikes.

This necessitates a bag with a head level striking area as well as one that at least reaches the crotch area for kicks and hand punches.

The bag needs weight to prevent it from swinging uncontrollably or moving across the room with each adult blow because Karate uses powerful strikes. Children won’t be as concerned about this, but height adjustment will be important.

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