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Bird Kung Fu? Do You Consider This A Serious Martial Art?

Distinct animals have different statuses in different cultures, and these statuses can vary over time and as a result of geography. In Chinese society, the rooster and chicken don’t have the negative connotations they possess in western culture. Is the chicken, which is viewed in the west as a straightforward agricultural animal, an animal that an eastern martial art system was based upon? There is a Kung Fu style called “Chicken,” which is frequently related to Hsing ji chuan. However, rather than being a literal portrayal, animal styles in this approach are based on or named for the animal’s goal. The swift movements and quick strikes are not intended to precisely resemble chickens.

In this quick examination of the chicken and its role in Kung Fu, I’ll also mention how chickens have been depicted in conflict, self-defense, and the media. Even if they did it in unusual ways, chickens have frequently had an impact on the martial arts world.

Vector Illustration of kicking kungfu chicken Illustration of kicking kungfu chicken bird kung fu stock illustrations

What Is Kung Fu in the Chicken Style?

The chicken or the rooster is perhaps the animal that is utilized more in satire and jokes than any other of the many animals that have an influence on martial arts. Although this may be a simple joke to make, it requires some honesty (and for some, a little more maturity) to see past the obvious jokes and learn the true meaning of Chicken Kung Fu.With Chicken Kung Fu, you can move quickly without having to go long distances. Along with this, there are other deeper stances and quick-fire attacks. Some of these systems combine open-handed attacks with a heavy emphasis on boxing. Additionally, some schools use kicks.

This sub-style is typically introduced to other animal styles so that its skills might enhance them. Even if it is possible, stand-alone systems are rarely trained.

Chicken in the Hsing yi chuan and style Kwai Do

The majority of Chinese martial arts styles—though not all—have at least the appearance of an interior component. Although it need not be the primary emphasis, this is true in many animal systems. Some fashion trends place a heavy emphasis on the internal while maintaining a respectably robust exterior component.

Hsing ji chuan, a martial art that focuses on the five elements of existence, is by all accounts an internal method of fighting. Some masters incorporate chicken-style Kung Fu or Gongfu as a part of the supplementary 12 animal system for the training’s physical facets.

Chicken style can be interpreted as pointing to the essence of the chicken given that Hsing ji chuan does not value exact animal imitation as highly. Even while masters and practitioners could deny that the chicken is just mentioned in passing, the majority would probably concur that it is not a literal representation.

Why Is It Called Chicken Style?

Here, we should investigate how different animals are seen in various cultures and how it influences their influence on those societies. In certain cultures, people view chickens differently than in others. Comparing China to western nations, this is absolutely true.

In the United States, calling someone a “chicken” is an insult with a cowardly connotation. Yellow has been given the same arbitrary classification. Although there is some truth to the assertion that chickens occasionally act as prey rather than predators, a chicken is an outright monster if you are a worm or bug in the yard.

Be aware that the Praying Mantis style of Kung Fu is a very well-liked and widely acknowledged discipline. However, if you put a praying mantis and a bear in the wild, you can see how situational these representations are. How we perceive many things in our environment is greatly influenced by perspective and culture. Rats, roosters, which can include hens, and many more animals that Westerners would consider deplorable can enjoy lofty status in Chinese society.

Cows are revered in India, for instance, where Hinduism has a strong influence. They are not only prohibited from being eaten, but also from being damaged in any way. What does this mean for martial arts styles that are named after chickens? Well, if you hold off until everyone has stopped laughing, you might come across some perfectly logical reasoning that comes from a more distant past and another culture.

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Is the martial art of Chicken Kung Fu uncommon?

Is Chicken type Kung Fu more or less well recognized than other forms of martial arts, aside from references in children’s cartoons and other media, which we will examine later?

A Kung Fu style known as chicken style is not common. The Chicken style may not be taught in all internal arts training programs that use the Hsing ji chuan 12 animal system. It’s unlikely that the few masters in it will be lecturing in your neighborhood strip mall.

Here’s where I need to make a crucial disclaimer. I am explaining the style without making any judgments on its benefits or drawbacks. The usefulness of the style is not the topic here. Martial artists and pupils will have to decide that based on their requirements and prior knowledge.

Its external portrayal of a system that is more internally focused can make it unusual in a way. Here, it’s crucial to keep in mind two things.

In order to make sure that these internal martial arts align with the religious upbringing they seek for their children, parents need to carefully examine the spiritual side of them. Taoist or Buddhist principles are present in the majority of Chinese arts.

Adults should pay close attention to the internal religious art’s practical application side. Older students need to be careful that methods are not performed more for the movement’s philosophical or religious component than for their practical application.
I’m not saying that this uncommon type of Kung Fu will satisfy or not satisfy any one person’s list of requirements in this case. Just this about any Chinese system should be noted.

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In cartoons, who is Kung Fu Chicken?

A lesser-known cartoon character named Kung Fu Chicken has become an online craze and the subject of easy jokes. It’s designed to parody the western perception of chickens, which has a cowardly and sometimes inflated reputation.

The mastery of Kung Fu is then put in opposition to this as a comparison to what is thought to be a noble endeavor. It becomes clear what jokes can be made out of this.

There have been several animals with Kung Fu skills in kid’s cartoons. In the 1970s, Hong Kong Fuey, a Kung Fu dog, battled criminality. In more modern times, the Kung Fu Panda has been represented as a chicken who knows Kung Fu.

You may purchase the entire season of Hong Kong Fuey on DVD at Amazon if you wish to relive your childhood cartoon viewing days with your children. The panda is portrayed as a short, fluffy, and occasionally helpless bear who rises to become the “Dragon Warrior,” saving China. Biblical and other historical storylines are the least likely to end up with the acclaimed, saving hero. The representation of a chicken as a skilled Kung Fu master uses the same image.

Who Is Kung Fu Panda’s Master Chicken?

The list of Kung Fu fighting animal characters in the DreamWorks animated television series Kung Fu Panda includes a Master Chicken. In the third episode of the series, he serves as a lighthearted diversion during a scene that is more dramatic.

Mantis, a depiction of Praying Mantis-style Kung Fu, even makes a reference to chickens’ cowardliness, which will resonate with western audiences.

Mantis cries out as she attempts to get Crane (a depiction of Crane style Kung Fu) to go headlong into a perilous situation.

There, even Master Chicken is entering! He is also a chicken.

Kung Fu Panda 3, Mantis, TM DreamWorks Studios
In the film, Master Chicken is shown to be an expert at throwing blades shaped like his feathers. Even if this doesn’t refer to the Chicken type of Kung Fu that students currently practice in schools, it was a rather clever representation of a “deadly chicken.”

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Takeaway Chicken Kung Fu

As a result, both yes and no, there is a chicken-style of Kung Fu. The fact that the chicken does not have a bad connotation in Chinese culture should be taken into consideration, despite the fact that Kung Fu practitioners and practitioners of other martial arts may disagree on its value and applicability.

Yes, I recognize the silliness of someone claiming to be an expert in chicken kung fu. Most folks won’t miss it. Having said that, it is crucial to remember that any style will typically have something worthwhile, even if it is less helpful for a certain student than other things.

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