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Can Children Practice Martial Arts And Other Sports Simultaneously?

Selection of a Martial Art

You should pick the appropriate martial art whether your child is already involved in another sport or you wish to sign them up for sports and martial arts. Everyone can find a variety because there are so many to choose from. Here’s another piece I wrote about the range of martial arts that are practiced nowadays.

You can select another one if the first one you pick is inappropriate for your youngster. This will enable you to pick the ideal martial art for your child and family in terms of commitment. The majority of instructors provide free sessions and even trial periods. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about the course, the instructor, and your child’s level of interest.

Of course, the independence offered by online martial arts is another choice. I provide prospective students with a free private online introductory class so they may “get a feel” for training online. You can look over the alternatives here to enroll your child in a free class trial.

One of the best pieces of home equipment for you and your child is a nice heavy bag if you’re planning to teach your child martial arts yourself, using live online classes like mine, or enrolling your child in an on-site program. I suggest the most recent heavy duty inflatable, self-standing Century model, which can be purchased here on Amazon, for children, mothers, and teenagers.

Typical Types

Although you may be familiar with karate and taekwondo, your youngster has access to a wide variety of martial arts. Of course, where you reside and what your child wants to do will affect your possibilities. But take into account these other martial arts that your child can practice.

  • Jujitsu
  • Judo
  • Aikido, Hapkido, Capoeira, and Kung Fu

There are several alternatives to think about if you decide against bringing your child to the neighborhood karate school. Additionally, thanks to modern technology, it is very simple for a youngster to practice martial arts in the safety and comfort of their own home, which is a very flexible alternative. To learn more, continue reading.

In order to enroll your child in the ideal martial art for them, keep in mind that you will want to conduct your own research on some of the most popular martial arts.

Availability of Facilities

Finding local martial arts studios should be your next step. Think about if you want to travel a certain distance and how close or far the nearest location is. Keep in mind that you will need to commute more than once per week. When parents choose these on-site solutions, they become chauffeurs or taxi drivers just like in any other sport.

You should be able to commit to at least two or three classes because many martial arts students take many classes each week. This implies that the cost of a distant dojo in a nearby region may rise above only the cost of tuition. We frequently underestimate the price of commodities like time and worry.

You might not have many options if you live a long way from locations. Again, in this situation, online martial arts can be your best choice. You can read more about it in this other article that addresses the same subject.

children participating in martial art sparring

Class timetables

Extracurricular sport practice schedules and martial arts training class schedules are extremely similar. The courses are typically scheduled for evenings or weekends when parents are off from work. With all of the additional challenges life throws at us, balancing both commute times can be challenging.

Maybe you’ve discovered the ideal martial art for your Little Ninja. However, you must now think about when your child will attend lessons and how it will fit into the rest of your family’s routine.

Look up the class schedule. Find out if they provide classes based on experience level or belt level, and when they offer introductory sessions. This will enable you to determine whether your child can physically participate in martial arts and the other activities he or she is already involved in.

Or maybe you’ve already established a routine that works, and you’re thinking of including a second sport like ping pong, cow tipping, golf, or soccer. The term “cow tipping”? Yeah, I’m just checking to see if you’re listening.

If it’s an organized sport, consider how many practices will be required or how frequently you’ll want your child to practice if you’re the coach. create a strategy and see if it works. In this situation, martial arts become a factor just like any other sport.

ratio of students to teachers

While it may appear that your child can practice martial arts and other sports at the same time, you need take into account the size of the courses. Your child may not receive much attention if they are in a large martial arts class. Or would your child profit in the long run if they are just one of many playing tennis or soccer?

If your Little Ninja feels neglected, he or she may become disinterested or otherwise irritated with martial arts or the second sport. When enrolling your child in any activity, be sure to discuss your expectations with the teachers or coaches to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Selecting a Sport

You might wish to enroll your child in a second sport even though they are already involved in martial arts. The martial arts are a great sport-preparation activity for kids. Your child must be physically active and move their body in a variety of ways. Here is a piece I published that especially addresses how martial arts might assist reduce childhood obesity.

However, take into account the same factors as if your child were just beginning their first sport before enrolling them in a second one. Consider the following before signing your child up for a second sport.

Interests of your child

Martial arts styles and sports have an equal number of variations. Think about your child’s interests and what they would want to avoid. Naturally, you don’t have to give your child complete authority, but you should pick an activity they enjoy.

You could wish to enroll your child in football or wrestling if they enjoy the physical aspect of martial arts. And if your child enjoys playing with other children, encourage them to try basketball or soccer.

Kids don’t always appreciate team sports. In that instance, sports that don’t emphasize teamwork include cycling, golf, and archery.

Kids that are very active could enjoy jogging or riding. To find the sport that is best for your child, don’t be hesitant to try out a few different ones.

Think about individual and team sports

Think about whether you want your child to participate in a team sport as well as their interests. Since you’re training to advance your own belts and hone your own self defense skills, martial arts may be incredibly individualized. Involving your child in a team sport is a good approach to broaden their interests.

Your child doesn’t have to give up martial arts in order to learn how to collaborate with others. They can then use their cooperation abilities to support their classmates or instructor when they get back to the karate studio.

However, if your child is more of an introvert, they might like an activity that requires solitude, like tennis. While concentrating on their own development, your child can still engage in more physical activity and socialize with others. Archery is another sport. I am certain of this because I have experience instructing children in the weapon-based martial art of Kali using safe, padded weapons. When any kind of “weapon” is involved, the coolness factor soars.

Compare martial arts class times to those for sporting events

If your child is already involved in martial arts, you must determine when various sports have practice. In this manner, when your Little Ninja joins the new sport, they can continue practicing martial arts. To allow them to rest, you should give your child one day of no physical exercise.

However, you might not want to schedule their martial arts and sports training back-to-back. Too much physical activity can have negative effects on your child and your family, regardless of whether the martial arts class is adjacent to the sports fields or you choose an online martial art.

Consider discussing your plans to enroll your child in both with your child’s pediatrician. The doctor can examine your child to determine whether they are healthy enough for a variety of physical activities—though most kids are—and the doctor can also suggest a decent schedule for everything.

Try Several Sports

Try a few different sports if you’re not sure which one is best for your child. To help children obtain a sense of other sports teams, have them see or participate in their practices. In this manner, you may be certain that you’re signing up your kid for a sport they’ll like and stick with.

Never be scared to ask your child for their opinion or to listen to them. Try not to impose your desires on your child because doing so can make them anxious.

The Benefits of Combining Martial Arts with Other Sports

Martial arts training has several advantages for both children and adults, according to studies. You are compelled to concentrate while developing your muscle strength. As your strength increases, you might benefit from it in various sports. Additionally, your youngster can develop self-control for use in various sports and academic settings.

Both boys and girls can learn martial arts, which can aid in self-defense and character development. You don’t need to be concerned that your daughter won’t be able to complete it. In my classes, girls frequently outnumber boys. My efforts to ensure their safety are evident in the grins on their faces.

The Lessons from Sports and Martial Arts

Kids can benefit much from martial arts and other activities, including exercise and social interaction. To ensure success, develop a plan and talk it over with your child before enrolling them in both.

Think about the scheduling changes and maybe even speak with your child’s pediatrician. Your child ought to be able to take pleasure in both activities for a very long time with the appropriate attitude and concentrate!

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