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How Long Does It Take To Become Proficient In Taekwondo?

How Long Does It Take to Learn the Different Taekwondo Styles?

There are three main styles or associations associated with taekwondo, hence the time it takes to study and obtain a black belt in each one may differ.

To be clear, when we refer to a black belt, we are referring to attaining a high level of proficiency in the fundamentals. A black belt is a master of the fundamentals, according to the majority of teachers and systems in general.

However, calling something “basics” does not mean the objective is less important. 90% of all competition and self-defense techniques are likely to be based on these fundamentals.

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Now let’s examine a few of the most prevalent patterns and relationships.

Federation Internationale de Taekwondo (ITF)

It’s strange that the WT’s founder created this ancient style of taekwondo (formerly the WTF). Since then, it has served as a kind of competitor for the WT. The International Taekwondo Federation was established by General Choi as a traditional counterbalance to the WTF’s shifting focus toward sports.

The sort of equipment required for participants to wear during sparring sessions may vary. A chest protection is not always required in ITF sparring gear setups, unlike in systems like the WT.

The competitors in this style will be protected by devices like shin guards, gloves, and head guards. The ITF style, in contrast to other styles, will permit participants to use punches to the head and face.

Compared to other TKD techniques, this style places a smaller emphasis on the legs and kicking because hand blows are given a little bit more weight. The rules are in place to protect the participants, yet occasionally blows may be more violent than in the other forms.

According to the International Taekwondo Federation, becoming a black belt in Taekwondo typically takes 3.5 to 4 years to complete.

Global Taekwondo (WT – Formerly The WTF)

Because World Taekwondo is the most popular style, it is likely that you will acquire its techniques when you practice Taekwondo. This is as a result of it being recognized as the official TKD association of the Olympic Games by the Olympic Committee.

To protect participants and respect the original kicking focus of the technique, this style forbids any attacks to the head or face using hand strikes. This style places more of an emphasis on kicks and legwork than the International Taekwondo Federation option does.

Because it emphasizes parts of the Taekwondo tradition and Korean culture as well as the moves and techniques, this style is frequently the most time-consuming to master. Although learning it might take a little longer, it can be incredibly intriguing and offer fresh perspectives on this martial arts style.

A student can anticipate spending about 3 years learning Taekwondo in the ITF system and becoming a black belt.

Taekwondo American Association

The American Taekwondo Association style is perhaps familiar to those who call America home. It is frequently regarded as being a simpler form than the other choice. For instance, many people may learn this style in just two years, while it may take four to seven years to perfect the other two.

Although there is a competition component to this system, sports or combat in general are not its primary focus. It is regarded as a more amiable fashion that emphasizes self-defense and individual success.

The fact that this method will teach somewhat different techniques is one of the primary contrasts. Along with hand strikes and kicks, the technique also makes use of weapons. The style contains a hybrid Escrima martial arts component that lends some diversity to the kicking-based approach.

When compared to the other two possibilities, the kicking methods may not be as technically complex or challenging, but there are several that can be useful to learn. Due to the ATA’s stricter safety requirements, players in sparring matches must wear extra protective equipment.

The ATA is a fantastic option for a joint family activity because of its family-centric orientation. Gaining a black belt in ATA Taekwondo typically takes about 2.5 years.

Which Taekwondo styles require the most years to learn?

Months To Master ATA Taekwondo

Each style will require a different amount of time to learn, as was already said. The ATA version is typically the best if you want to learn Taekwondo rapidly and practice it in a more laid-back setting.

It is possible for pupils to reach the rank of black belt in as little as two years, depending on how much time they have to devote to this and how much they practice. Although it’s not always the case, some people can view this as a lofty objective.

Years To Learn WTF Taekwondo (formerly WT)

The World Taekwondo Federation is the next choice for learning in the lowest amount of time. Black belt training in this particular kind of Taekwondo is thought to take three years.

If the student is unwilling to enroll in a few extra lessons each month and partake in more possibilities for sparring, this system can take a little longer. Even though there are minimum requirements and learning requirements for Taekwondo, persistence is still required to achieve even these objectives.

ITF Taekwondo Training Takes Years

The style that takes the longest to acquire to a sufficient level of competency is that of the International Taekwondo Federation. This is partially because, unlike the ATA and WT systems, it doesn’t merely emphasize kicks and legwork. Additionally, it places some emphasis on arm and hand techniques.

The emphasis on Korean culture’s traditions and history is another component that adds a little extra time. Students who practice this technique are predicted to need up to four or five years to understand the fundamentals and reach the level of a black belt.

Comparison of the learning time for Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo

Taekwondo and Tang Soo Do are two different martial arts that originate from the same people and kicking history, despite sharing identical names and many of the same forms. In spite of this, learning each style takes about the same amount of time and is accomplished in many ways similarly.

Starting out, Tang Soo Do resembles the Japanese Shotokan Karate form but has been modified a little to fit the Korean aesthetic. In an effort to promote Korea, its people, and Korean culture on the global stage, Taekwondo adopted a more sport-oriented approach and drew from the same pool of influences and techniques.

Tan Soo Do emphasizes leveraging the hips to put as much power as possible behind each kick while maintaining a balance between punching and kicking. This is carried out even more so than the TKD ITF system.

Taekwondo is also a type of Korean martial arts, but its history and methods differ slightly. The kicks in this martial art style will also be emphasized. However, the power of the kicks comes from a mix of the student’s accuracy and speed in addition to slower, more forceful hip movements.

These two approaches share many similar techniques, employ sparring similarly, and emerged from the same Kwons or historic federations, making them easy to confuse.

A useful method to distinguish between the two is that WT Taekwondo is more concerned with the sport of the movements, whereas Tang Soo Do focuses more on adding traditions to the forms and techniques like the ITF. Overall, learning Tang Soo Do and obtaining a black belt take the same amount of time as learning ITF Taekwondo.

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