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Online Parent Guide For Kids’ Virtual Karate Classes

Some parents will be drawn to this option because of their child’s social anxiety, difficulties with online live video conferencing, or other socio-relational issues. These video courses can be a good option for some people who want to pursue a martial arts journey.

These commercial versions might be more affordable and time-free, but they typically won’t be as useful as a real, interactive session with a certified teacher. When talking about adults beginning their martial arts training, this becomes even more crucial.

Online solutions are better suitable for smaller technique-based programs for children that require little to no live partner training. Having stated that If handled seriously, this kind of instruction could be entertaining and helpful if other options aren’t appropriate for an adult. Finding nearby training partners with whom the learner feels at ease is also a possibility.

Pay-Per-View Classes

The most individualized and efficient way to take martial arts training online is with paid, live virtual Karate classes. These classes typically have more qualified instructors who can interact with your child directly.

Although live classes can offer direct interaction that simple videos cannot, the usage of recorded classes and training is excellent as a supplement to live sessions. It keeps the youngsters interested, they can recognize the instructors as real-life role models, and real-time technical coaching is priceless.

These Karate programs might be a one-stop shop for younger kids whose training and curriculum are ideal for this online setting.

One word of warning Some people use these seminars to try to train teenagers or even adults online. There are unquestionably elements of several martial arts that can be taught and even mastered online. Let me start by saying that. Moving past techniques and training that, in all honesty, require in-person partners and teachers presents a difficulty. Since children are the subject of this article, if you’re interested in learning more about what age range virtual martial arts lessons are appropriate for, check out my article here that provides an answer to the question, “Can you learn Karate by yourself?”

man and woman doing karate on road at daytime

Who teaches the kids’ karate classes online?

The instructor is the most crucial component of any Karate, Judo, Kali, etc. class. The class instructor does more than just teach the style’s techniques. They are in charge of ensuring that the training methods are age-appropriate, safe, and moving at a steady pace.

Following that, you must decide if the person’s traits and the messages they express align with your priorities and values. Teachers are individuals, and people come in a wide variety of forms and from a wide range of backgrounds.

Check to see that the person has a comparable worldview to the one you are teaching your children before providing them access to your Little Ninja.

My teaching methods for youngsters are built on three principles: education, character, and enjoyment. My objectives for my students are to broaden their minds, develop their moral compass, and encourage full engagement through lots of humor and enjoyment.

Karate has elements for self-defense, physical conditioning, and technique incorporated right into the system.

Any martial art has free techniques. No one has the exclusive right to any technique or movement.

In reality, you are not paying for karate skills. You are paying a particular instructor to impart knowledge of the craft in a style that is understandable and includes all the extra advantages he or she can uniquely provide. You are compensating them for their labor and knowledge.

Make sure you choose the class based on the instructor. The most crucial element of the equation is this. It doesn’t matter where it is, what the style is called, or how persuasive the marketing slogans are. The instructor’s background and aptitude for instructing are the most crucial factors to take into account.

Can my children actually study martial arts online?

The structure of live online classrooms is a fantastic choice for younger children. In my experience, people typically watch the pre-recorded ones as they eat, almost as entertainment. One family has admitted to watching my recordings of previous lectures every night during dinner.

I know, correct? Children with their peculiar habits.

The whole technique base of any style should not be taught to children, which is another consideration. For numerous reasons, they ought to have used reduced versions of these systems. Teaching younger children lends itself to online training because much of the more hazardous and improper content may be eliminated. What does this imply for particular fashions? It may be difficult for parents to know, so I’ll list the benefits and drawbacks of some of the more well-known martial arts here.

Remember that the name “karate” refers to a particular style and is sometimes used as a synonym for martial arts in general.

So let’s examine a few approaches and see how they might be taught in a virtual classroom with varying degrees of success.

Home Karate Instruction

Japanese kicks, hand techniques, and takedowns are used in karate. A variety of targets are used for technique practice, heavy kicking bag routines, and memorized combos in the online training programs for children.

Some can be done on things, while others can be done in the air. These could include soft toys (stuffies), pillows, paper, or targets and pads made expressly for martial arts training in an online environment. Visit my Little Ninja Shop and check at some of the possibilities if you’re curious about what these are or what the costs might be.

Karate instruction for younger children is ideal for virtual training. Even parents can participate if they want to hold the pads, hit the kids with blockers or pool noodles, or just cheer them on.

Karate, Judo, and Kali are all techniques I employ in my online virtual classes. Visit this link to enter my online dojo to learn more about them.

Distance Learning Kung Fu

You can’t expect your tiny ninjas to learn Kung Fu online and become as skilled as these competitors. But hey, they’ll be excited after watching this video!
The Chinese art of Kung Fu uses comparable training techniques to Karate and deals with motions in the air or on targets. The remembered patterns do become considerably more complex, therefore they might be suitable for pupils who can manage the acrobatic movements and extensive pattern memory.

This is also an excellent choice if you’re taking programs online. Karate-like techniques and tools can be employed in some training sessions.

Uncommon knowledge holds that Chinese Kung Fu is where Karate’s origins may be traced back to. The Japanese did what they do and streamlined and simplified the methods, yet the two styles are actually more similar than dissimilar.

Online Taekwondo classes

A Korean martial art known as taekwondo focuses on kicking techniques. In comparison to many other styles, the technical base is substantially smaller. It is important to master foot and leg techniques. There are also remembered patterns, which are typically not too complicated. This means that a lot of the style is particularly accessible to young children who wish to learn online at their age and in a virtual setting. It’s an excellent idea to learn a traditional, non-sports-based form of Taekwondo or even Tang Soo Do. It is a safe alternative for kids as well due to the smaller class size and age-appropriate curriculum.

The one key issue is that online students don’t really have access to the sport-related aspects of art, which are a big focus for pupils. The sport that it was primarily built around generally is a key focus, with mastery of mostly kicks as the goal. In virtual classrooms, this will be absent.

Along with Karate, Judo, and Kali, I also teach Taekwondo in my online Karate programs for young children. Visit the page for my Little Ninja Online Karate lessons to learn more.

Online Judo classes

The Japanese style of throwing, pinning, and falling techniques is called judo, sometimes known as “The Gentile Way.” The form was developed in the late 1800s around a sport based on grappling, and there are no strikes used. Jigoro Kano sought to wrest from Jujutsu those moves that could be swiftly and safely practiced on a partner who was resisting.

With a few restrictions, this is a fantastic online fashion for children. The sporting component won’t be offered in a virtual classroom environment. The youngsters will need to partner up frequently to prepare for this.

The good news is that of all martial arts, judo has some of the best self-defense skills for children. The most common method that people are hurt is by falling. Taking falls from all directions is a key technique in judo.

Another benefit of Judo techniques is that many of the self-defense-focused throws and hold down positions may be practiced on cheap throwing dummies or junk toys if competition is not the goal. All of my pupils should use this throwing/grappling dummy that I found on Amazon.

Judo can be a fantastic alternative for online training, but I would advise pairing it with disciplines like Karate or Taekwondo for the striking side and Kalie or Kendo for the kids’ favorite weapons training.

Online Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

In essence, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an offshoot of Judo. Since it is a specialization of Judo, which was in turn a specialization of Jujutsu, some people might assume it is a simpler style. That wouldn’t apply here, though.

Yes, BJJ, as it is often called, prioritizes the Judo ground grappling part while mostly ignoring the standing grappling, but it is by no means straightforward. They have advanced the ground variations of the Judo techniques to the utmost extent. One may argue that this is one of the most intricate martial arts systems being researched right now.

In an online environment, this task might be a little more challenging. Children are doubly affected by this. Since BJJ places a heavy sport emphasis, much of the training is left out in a virtual setting and requires in-person partners and teachers to fully understand intricate tactics.

Another issue is that the fashion does not prohibit harmful tactics for kids. In many BJJ classes, children are frequently taught joint dislocation and strangulation techniques. This is an issue in both physical and virtual environments, including in-person classes. Before letting their child join, parents should investigate the style to make sure they are comfortable with the skills being taught.

I normally only briefly discuss this last issue so as not to unfairly condemn any martial art style or school. I briefly discuss it in my piece on Jujitsu belt ranks here as well. If you’re interested in learning more about parental worries related to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, check out that article.

Online Escrima or Kali classes

Undoubtedly, Kali, or what some refer to as Escrima, is one of the most popular techniques I have discovered for younger children. This fashion focuses on swords, which kids enjoy to swing about in any size or shape. This is a Filipino form that truly makes use of impact batons and bladed weapons. At first, it seems rather unfriendly toward children.

However, if you have a skilled instructor, you can extract the system’s many enjoyable and safe features, much to the delight of many young students.

The most crucial thing to master is SWORDS. There are patterns to learn as well as blocking, parrying, and creative footwork. Actually, it is based on tools like machetes and sticks that are used for practical purposes, but to a child…

In my virtual Karate classes, I instruct this approach in a way that is very kid-friendly. Years have been spent acquiring instructor certifications, competitive records, and teaching abroad. To be really honest, my passion is giving tiny, chubby-cheeked little creatures the fun parts while leaving out the harmful parts.

A sample from one of my online classes is provided below. I just ever videotape my son and myself (Ethan has several special needs, but Karate has been a great tool for him). In the classroom, the students can see me and one another. The third from the end is where you can find the Kali portion. Karate and Taekwondo are practiced at first, followed by some Judo in the middle.

What Kinds of Children Learn Best Online?

Online education can be presented in a variety of ways, and kids can relate to them in a variety of ways. When learning something like martial arts, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach. Every parent has a somewhat different objective in mind.

Some parents would want their daughters to learn self-control and discipline, while other parents might want their daughters to develop confidence. Others might be looking for an activity for their kid who is still unsure of large crowds.

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